Are you and your family about to put your house on the market, and having trouble coming up with a price? This is a common issue for any seller, and it’s especially complicated if you’re hoping to sell it yourself without a realtor’s advice.

Here’s a tip that will not only help you figure out the right price when selling your house, but also help you actually sell it: get an independent appraisal. Why spend a few hundred dollars or more on having an appraiser come size up your property, when a potential buyer is going to have to do that anyway? Here’s a few good reasons to consider.

It makes pricing quick and easy. There’s no reality check better than getting your house appraised by a licensed third party appraiser. They’ll give you an honest number in terms of your home’s value, and a report to explain why. So no matter where you want to price your home, the appraiser can clue you in on what it will probably actually sell for.

It helps during the sale and negotiation process. If you’re trying to go “for sale by owner,” having the independent appraisal sheet out on the counter when potential buyers tour your home can speak volumes. It lets buyers know there’s some hard data behind your sales price, and cuts out a lot of subjectivity in the negotiating game.

It can reveal potential problems before the house goes on the market. An appraiser’s job is to give you honest feedback about the value of your home. Their report can really help you hone in on what the home’s trouble spots are, if any, and fix them before you go to sell the house. That could make thousands of dollars worth of difference when you go to sell.

Good luck selling your home. And once you’ve got a signed purchase agreement, be sure to give your Pittsburgh moving experts a call at (800)-810-2635.
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