Moving into a new home is a great time to revamp your organization. Closet space is one of the areas where it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But closets can be a great asset. Take these organizing tips when whipping your closets into shape.

Declutter the space. Take a tip from Thoreau and do a little simplification for starters. Nothing is more annoying than trying to organize a bunch of clutter you don’t even want. Get rid of the clutter, or at least store it somewhere else like the garage or attic.

Build out some shelves. If your closets don’t already have good shelving units, invest a little bit and install some. You can get two or three times as many things into a closet if it has a well-engineered shelving unit. Just be sure to take a good inventory of what’s going in each closet first, so you can know what size shelves to install.

Be okay to spend a little money on your organization. Sure, closet space isn’t the sexiest thing to spend your money on. But you’ll thank yourself in the end and save countless hours not wondering where you put those hair clippers. Go to your local Lowes, Walmart, or Target and browse the storage solutions. This will get your creative juices flowing on how best to store everything.

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