Fall is a great time to create some new family memories. Even if the kids have just started school, they probably have a fall break, and there’s always the weekends. Take some of that precious spare time and invest in the family, especially after a move from the summer months. Need some ideas? Try some of these.

Go for a hike. There’s no better time to hit the trails than in the fall. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but the weather is just perfect. The fall temperatures will keep you cool as you lose a few calories hiking. Get some bonus points with the kiddos and pack a picnic to eat along the way.

Hit up the apple orchards and pumpkin patches. You’ve never tasted apples until you’ve bought some from an orchard in the fall. Take the family apple-picking and see who can get the biggest, shiniest apple. And however cliche it may be, picking some pumpkins and carving them with the family is always a good time.

Rake leaves together...and be sure to jump in the piles. Whether you’ve got little ones or teenagers, raking leaves together can be a fun family experience. Even more fun is raking the pile as big as you can get it and then jumping in! Just be sure to check for ticks after this sort of fun.

Go camping or have a bonfire. Even when the nights get a little chilly in the fall, a fire can make it perfect. Call a few friends over for s’mores and hot dogs, or take the family for a camping trip at the nearest state park. Family time spent with nature almost always leaves lasting memories.
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