If you’ve recently moved or are just about to, there’s probably some landscaping you’ll want to change. Most outdoor jobs like this you can do yourself with a little sweat and the right tools. Let our Pittsburgh movers do the heavy lifting, and consider these tips when re-landscaping your new home.

Removing poison ivy. Anyone who’s allergic to this nasty plant knows that it can make your life miserable for a few weeks. Whether you’re allergic or not, it’s best to take precaution when removing poison ivy, so that you or your friends and family don’t get it. It goes without saying that you should wear long sleeves, gloves, and maybe even a mask to protect yourself. For the super-allergic, some stores carry a resistant clay that you can apply to your skin before handling poison ivy. Also, but sure to pull the plants out by the root so they don’t grow back, and always dispose in a sealed trash bag, instead of burning or throwing it on a brush pile.

Cleaning up the flower beds. Many homes that haven’t been kept up have overgrown weeds or plants in the flower beds. Oftentimes there is a decent foundation for gardening, and it just needs a little TLC and revitalization. If it’s a total mess, you might just want to pull everything out and start over. Or if the flower bed just needs some tidying up, you might want to re-do the bricks or border for a more modern or curved feel, which makes mowing a little easier.

Large bushes and trees. Some trees that are just too big will require calling a professional. But small trees and big bushes, you can usually tackle by yourself. With the help of some heavy-duty tree-trimmers, an axe, and a long pry bar, you can get the plant out by the root. These jobs are usually best if you’ve got at least two people working together, just be careful when you’re swinging that axe!
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