Moving time is busy enough. So when you add house renovations to the list, you can start to feel overwhelmed quickly. But no need. Take a deep breath and consider these tips for getting your fixer-upper in order after your move to Cleveland.

Figure out how quickly you want to finish your renovations. You may have a quick timeline due to a baby-on-the-way or other obligations, or you may want to take your time. Talk it through with your family and sort out a reasonable timeline to get all your renovations done. You don’t want to drive yourself to burnout, but you also don’t want it to drag on forever.

Decide what you’re going to hire out and what to DIY. Hiring a contractor can be expensive, but it can also be a much quicker way to get some of those big projects done. If you’ve got some budget leftover after the move, consider hiring a pro for some of the bigger tasks.

Prioritize. Which rooms are you going to work on first? It may be worth considering which room(s) you’ll use the most, or which rooms it would be easiest to finish off. Having one room totally “finished” is a good feeling, so tackle some of the low-hanging fruit as you knock out one room at a time.

Live out of one or two rooms while you renovate the others. If you have some time to renovate before moving all your stuff in, try finishing off one or two of the main rooms, then living out of those while you finish the rest of the renovations. For instance, if you’ve got four total bedrooms, finish the master and one kids room, so you can feel at least sort of “at home” while slaving away at renovations.

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