When you’re getting ready for the big move, you’re probably swimming in a sea of lenders, realtors, and movers. But there are all sorts of other logistics that shouldn’t be forgotten. Don’t miss these details when it comes to moving to a new home.

Change Your Address. This is surprisingly easy to do, thanks to the “change of address” portal on USPS’s website. Granted, they charge you $1.05, but it’s better than a trip to the post office, and surely saves you the gas you’d use to get there. Just be sure to dodge the ads from sponsors at the end.

Call the magazine companies. This one can be a bit more time consuming, depending on how many magazines you subscribe. This is about as simple as it sounds - all most magazines companies need is your new address. Just be sure to have a copy of a magazine, which will have your customer number on it, nearby. Utilities. Again, this might take you a bit more time. But an hour or two of diligent phone calls and you can have it all knocked out. The key is to start early. Some utility companies might take several days to process new customers, billing info, etc. So try and get started at least a week before your move in date. And it never hurts to have an extra day or two of wiggle room. So when in doubt, pay the extra few bucks to have your utilities turned on a day or two early.
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