Anyone who’s honest will tell that moving is hectic. Really hectic. During the phase of buying and selling houses and dealing with realtors and lenders and inspectors and’s easy to go from zero to “completely stressed” in about 10 seconds. But there are ways to keep yourself from going bonkers during moving time along with having your Pittsburgh movers by your side. Try these tips, and see if they don’t help bring your blood pressure down a bit.

1.Schedule some chill-out time. Take a walk or go see a movie. Play with the kids in the backyard. Or get a hotel room with your spouse for one more romantic evening before the move. Whatever it is, find time to do some things that get your mind off the logistics of moving. You’ll be more even-keeled if you do.

2. Make family and friends time. Even if you’ve got a big move coming up, you can still take some time for family. Take the family out to dinner or enjoy a coffee or glass of wine with a friend. It’s easy to forget to keep a balanced schedule during moving season, so being proactive will leave you a step ahead. It will also help keep your relationships solid. 3. Sleep! This may sound like a given, but oftentimes we forego sleep in order to get more done. Plenty of studies have shown, however, that the more sleep we get, the more productive we are. So keep on getting some good Z’s, even during the hectic moving season.
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