The day you’ve been waiting for is actually here: the day you get to move into your new home in Pittsburgh! Moving days can be filled with anticipation and excitement, but sometimes that’s overshadowed by stress. Here are some moving day tips to help you keep the ball rolling in the right direction.


1. Get up with plenty of time to get ready. The last thing you want to do is start your moving day by scrambling to get yourself and family ready before the movers show up. Or even worse, waking up to the movers ringing your doorbell. Start your day early so you can get in all your routine items and account for any setbacks, like a toddler who might not want to eat his breakfast. Starting your day off right will help keep you in the right mood for the rest of the long moving day.


2. Charge electronic devices beforehand. This is especially important if you need these devices for your move. You don’t want to be on the road with your car charger packed away in a box, needing to call your movers to tell them you might be a few minutes late. Also, if you need a navigation device, make sure there are batteries or car charger for that as well.


3. Dress in smart clothing. Choose comfortable yet not loose fitting clothing. If your clothes are too loose or you have some additional hanging pieces, they might get caught or pulled while you’re unpacking. Make sure to keep in mind the weather, not only in your current location but where you are moving as well.


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