Now that winter is finally ending in most of the country and everything is starting to thaw from an icy winter, you might be noticing some damage done to your driveway. If you’re planning on putting your home on the market this spring in Pittsburgh, you’ll need to consider your curb appeal, and a large part of that “curb” goes into your driveway. So before you call your Pittsburgh movers to come help with your move, consider giving your curb appeal attention before you sell.


Both concrete and asphalt can be damaged from snow or ice melting. This is due to increase in temperatures and then water or ice freezing before the water had time to evaporate. When the ice freezes in the cracks in your concrete or asphalt it expands, creating larger cracks or even worse, holes. The best way to prevent cracks and holes in your driveway is to prepare and fill up cracks before winter begins. Sealing your driveway is a good way to prevent the unsightly holes and damage from a brutal winter. If you didn’t get to prepare your drive and now face repairs, here are some tips to do so.


Cracks that are no larger than a quarter inch wide can be filled with liquid crack fillers that can be found at most home improvement stores. They often have a funnel like application tip, making getting the liquid in the right area a breeze. If your cracks are larger than a quarter of an inch you’ll need to buy thicker crack filler, often found in tubs or gallon containers. This thicker crack filler is applied with a trough, much like the process of filling in grout between tiles. For larger holes you will want to fill the hole with filling material and tamper it down to make sure it’s compressed enough to fill the entire space. If you don’t own a tamper with enough weight, you can usually rent these from tool rental stores.


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