If you are thinking about moving in the future but don’t have a timeframe in mind, you might be wondering when the best time to move is? There are many factors to take into consideration for the best timing. Your Erie Movers have knowledge and ability to help steer you in the right direction, so take note of these suggestions as you are coming up with your timeline to move.



Since the weather plays an important part of homebuyers and selling your home, the nicer weather tends to make it easier to sell your home. Selling during the winter months is possible, but if you wait till the spring, you might increase your chance of catching some good buyers. The same goes for the transport part of moving. Your chances of delays are lower if your moving trucks don’t have to travel in snow and ice.


Additionally, think about yourself. Moving in warmer weather means if you don’t get those utilities turned on right away, you won’t freeze during your first night in your new home.


School or Jobs

Since schools have summer breaks for a couple of months, it’s best to not have to take your child out of school and into a new setting, if your can avoid it. Moving during the summer break means more time for your children to adjust to their new home and new surroundings before going back to school. If you are moving for new job, it might be easier taking time off in the summer as well. Just be sure to communicate your needs with your new boss clearly.


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