Some peoples’ childhood memories include both good and bad moving experiences. If your child is old enough miss their old home and friends, a move might be a rough transition for them. While including your children in the moving process can be time-consuming, doing simple things like the ones listed below might help your child feel like they have a say in their new surroundings in the amazing city of Pittsburgh.


Picking out the new house

Before you look at houses, ask your child what they might think would be a good feature to have in their new house. Even young children can give you some basic preferences like, “I like double-decker houses!”. Including your children’s small preferences will give them a sense of purpose in the house hunt.


Looking at their new neighborhood

Take a day out and explore the potential neighborhoods you have in mind. Take visits to the library, museums, and schools. Ask your child what they liked about each place you visit, and talk to them about the potential of them living in this neighborhood.


Have them pack some of their belongings

Make packing a fun game where your kids know their toys will find a new place to go in their new house. Get them excited about where their things might go in their new room. And as they pack their belongings, make sure to tell them they will see them again soon.

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