With Valentine’s Day around the corner it seems that chocolate is on everyone’s mind. But with the winter’s cold still nipping away, a great cup of hot chocolate might kill two birds with one stone. If you’re new to the Pittsburgh area, you might want to read up about the best places to go for that morning coffee or hot chocolate.


Mon Aimee Chocolat

Mon Aimee Chocolat serves more than your average cup of hot chocolate. Chocolate confections are their main focus, and that includes your cup of hot creamy goodness. There are no fancy toppings to choose from because the emphasis is placed on the high quality of chocolate used in their recipe. In order to enjoy this cup, you might want to come in the morning as they typically sell out towards the afternoon. The only downside to Mon Aimee Chocolat is you might be tempted to get a box of chocolates to go along with your hot chocolate drink!


Crazy Mocha

Crazy Mocha is a fixture in the Pittsburgh area, with over 26 locations around the city. They are a Pittsburgh-based chained that has about as many choices of drinks as can be listed. Their specialty is coffee, but hot chocolate is offered with any kind of syrup you’d like, to create your own specialized hot chocolate creation.


Hanlon’s Cafe

If you’re craving a basic cup of hot chocolate just like your mom made after a long day building snowmen as a child, Hanlon’s Cafe is your best bet. They are open for both breakfast and lunch, so you can grab a cup with either meal.


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