As you ring in the New Year and have the new beginnings of moving into your new home in Pittsburgh, don’t let the good changes stop there. Make a resolution to spend more time with your spouse and work toward a better relationship by having a weekly date night. Here are some creative date night options in Pittsburgh that you might want to keep on your short list.

Unblurred First Friday on Penn Avenue

Every first Friday of the month turns into a culturally, creative dance party on Penn Avenue. You can enjoy a large variety of live music, art shows, galleries, dancing, and a merry time as you stroll down the street visiting each location. This is a good way to keep your commitment of a date night, get to know your city (especially Penn Avenue), and have a great time.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Phipps, located in the Oakland neighborhood, has become a vibrant cultural space attracting some of the finest artists and botanical beauties in the area. One of the most romantic spots set amongst Pittsburgh’s largest greenspaces, the Phipps has “home-run date” written all over it. If you pack a nice picnic basket full of goodies, grab a few blankets, and wait until the weather warms up, this will be a date you won’t forget.

Just Ducky Tours of Pittsburgh If you and your partner are more of whimsical & fun type of people, you might want to consider a tour of Pittsburgh with the Just Ducky Tours. Just Ducky Tours take you on the only tour in the city by land and water. You will view the most scenic and iconic sights of Pittsburgh in one of the most unique rides available, a duck boat! Photo attributed to Flickr member @daveynin via the Creative Commons license.