A home office is a vital part of any professional's house, especially those who work from home. You can catch up on important tasks that can’t wait until work the next day, respond to after-hours emails, and with today's technology, you can do most tasks at home without having the commute time. Making sure you have the essentials will prevent you from running to the store to pick up printer ink or labels for your project. Here are some office essentials you might think are obvious... but never seem to be on-hand when you need them. As you are unpacking from your recent relocation to Butler County check to make sure to see if you have any of these items.

1. Paper products, i.e. envelopes, reams of different paper, adhesive labels, and stationery. It’s a fact. You will use tons of paper, even if you like to keep it digital. Even if you have a great note-taking app or Evernote, you'll still need to print out the occasional form. Plus, some of us like the old note pad and pen for brainstorming sessions. And let's face it, if you're working from home to drive less, the last thing you want to do is run to the office supply store for an envelope to mail something. 2. Pen, pencils, and sharpies. Again, you don’t want to be left searching your entire house for one single pen to sign your name to an important document that you have to fax to your boss within the hour. Keep some sharpies on hand for easy ways to label packages, data disks, and the like. 3. Thumb drives and external hard drives. Imagine you're off to do a presentation that you’ve been working on for days only to realize you don’t have a thumb drive that isn’t full. To avoid wasting hours deleting files you might want to keep just to make room for your project, make sure to have a few thumb drives on hand. © 2013 PhotoSpin, Inc. All rights reserved.
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