Moving can create some stressful situations. Top it off with a pregnant belly, whacky hormones, and an insatiable appetite...and you could have a recipe for disaster. No matter how supportive your hubby is, moving while pregnant can be taxing. Consider these ideas if you’re expecting a new baby and a new household all at the same time.

1. Research a new doctor or midwife before the move. Every mother has her own idea of what she wants her birthing experience to look like. Finding a doctor or hospitals that supports your desires is important. If you put off finding a new doctor until you actually move, you could be disappointed. Midwifes, doulas, or natural birthing centers are becoming more available all the time, but they are harder or easier to find depending on the city. Make sure to do your homework well before your big move to your new city. 2. Make sure to know your limits. Talk to your doctor and see what he or she recommends in terms of your participation in lifting boxes or traveling on a long road trip. Be realistic and conservative about your limitations. If your doctor suggests that a 12 hour road trip is a bad idea, make other arrangements for your big move. 3. Take extra breaks for water, snacks, and relaxing. Staying hydrated will help you from experiencing those pesky Braxton-Hicks contractions. So make sure to keep bottle water on you at all times. Also, don’t feel bad about taking breaks to replenish yourself. After all, that’s why your Allegheny County George movers are there to help. © 2013 PhotoSpin, Inc. All rights reserved.
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