From cloth diapers to antique trinkets, sometimes a big box store just can’t fulfill every consumer’s desires. When relocating to Pittsburgh, you’ve got plenty of quaint streets to stroll down. Stop in these popular boutiques to make the finishing touches in your new home.


Happy Baby Company If you are a new parent or expecting your first Little One, let the Happy Baby Company show you that cloth diapering is the way to go. They’ll show you the ropes and set you up with everything you need to keep your baby’s buns clean and the environment healthy. These folks have a passion for all-natural parenting products. Their environmentally-conscious approach will help parents sleep at night and help keep babies “happy” indeed.   Pavement

If you’re a little concerned about how little clothing you have packed in all of those moving boxes, you might want to visit Pavement. Pavement offers a finely curated selection of American-made clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

But the folks at Pavement seek to provide more than just nice clothes. They’re out to make a shopping experience that “feels more like a visit with friends.” Come sip a latte with them and check out the latest in American style.


Urban Cottage

Ever wonder where your trendy, Pinterest-savvy friends find all their cool ideas? Look no further than Pittsburgh’s Urban Cottage. The Urban Cottage crew wants to help you create a cozy, comfortable home where people love to live. Relax and take your time crafting the surroundings in your new Pittsburgh home. Urban Cottage has wall decor, wine accessories, linens, and about any other kitschy little item that makes a house feel like a home.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member via the Creative Commons license.)

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