One of the most stressful decisions in moving is what to do with extremely fragile items such as valuable crystal glassware and china sets. Even your everyday drinking glasses deserve special packing as you will look forward to using them as soon as you arrive in your new kitchen. With these tips you can be sure your most delicate items arrive safe and secure in your new home.

Wrap it up Before handing over boxes with fragile items to your Pittsburgh Movers, you need to make sure all breakable items are packed correctly. Sturdy items like coffee mugs and large ceramic baking dishes can be wrapped in several layers of newspaper or packing paper. Be sure to pack them close together in a box, as there will be less chance of damage if the items don't have much room to shift. You may want to pack dish towels and small plastic items in the empty spaces of these boxes with your larger sturdy items.

For more fragile items, there are many products you can buy to wrap them for the utmost protection. Bubble wrap and cushion wrap are easily found at hardware, convenience, and grocery stores. To be extra safe, place a pillow or other soft item in the bottom of the box. Styrofoam peanuts are great to have on hand to fill the small holes and crevices around your most fragile items after they are wrapped in bubble wrap.

Labels Be sure to mark boxes containing breakables with a dark, broad tip marker. You may want to collect these boxes in a separate area of your home so your Pittsburgh Movers and others will know without a doubt that these boxes deserve careful attention. For your next relocation to, within or from the Keystone State, George Moving & Storage is the Pennsylvania mover of choice. Contact one of our friendly representatives to learn more about how we can make your next relocation a success. We look forward to serving you. © 2013 PhotoSpin, Inc. All rights reserved.