If your family is expanding faster than you had originally planned, you may quickly run out of space in your existing home. Moving into a bigger home may seem like the logical solution. But with a bigger home comes bigger bills.

Rather than jump into higher expenses each month, consider a way to maximize your existing space. Oftentimes, it’s simply a matter of unloading some of your belongings. But then again, donating, selling or throwing away items isn’t always an option. Maybe you run a home business and store the majority of your equipment in a spare bedroom. Or perhaps a bedroom in your house is devoted entirely to a hobby. You have to keep these belongings, but where?

Fortunately, there is a solution. Renting a Pittsburgh storage unit is the perfect way to free up space in your house and find a safe place for items outside your home. Plus, a storage facility is much cheaper than buying a new place. A unit not only helps de-clutter your home, but if you use your unit to house business equipment, you can write-off your rental fee.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @GenBug via the Creative Commons license.)