Pittsburg storage facility can be a godsend if you have too much stuff and not enough space. However, not all storage facilities are created the same. Naturally, you want a place with air tight security and clean interiors. But even if a storage unit looks ideal, there are ways to ensure that your belongings remain safe and in good condition.
  • Periodically spray the inside of your units. Insects have no boundaries, and ants and spiders may take up residence inside your unit. Stop pests in their tracks and spray the perimeter of your unit with bug spray - about once a month.
  • Examine the unit after a rain storm. After a heavy rain, visit your unit and look for signs of water damage or a water leak. Report any damage to the facility manager.
  • Choose a combination lock. Some thieves know how to pick a key lock, which can give them access to your belongings. For better protection, use a combination lock with a number code.
(Photo attributed to Flickr member @davem.com via the Creative Commons license.)
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