With a storage facility on practically every block, you may choose a Pittsburgh storage facility without comparing your options. On the surface, all storage facilities may look the same. There are, however, key differences between facilities. And these differences can impact how well your items are protected.

If you’re looking for a storage facility, look for signs of pests or rodents. You may select an indoor facility to reduce the risk of infestation. In this case, ask to see different units and then closely check the corner of each unit for droppings and spider webs. Insects and rodents can hide in the smallest places, and if you move items from your storage unit into your home, you can inadvertently invite these critters into your life.

Once you select a storage facility, inquire about measures taken by the company to reduce insects and rodents. Some facilities periodically spray outside units to deter insects. This is a plus. But as a bonus, consider spraying the inside of your unit to keep unwelcome guests out.

Pittsburgh storage unit is the perfect place to store clutter, business supplies and other personal belongings that take up space. For peace of mind, keep your space organized, clean and bug-free. (Photo attributed to Flickr member @harryalverson via the Creative Commons license.)