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Running your own office cleaning business is an excellent way to earn passive income. As you get new accounts, you can hire a janitorial team to handle the actual cleaning. This is perfect for supplementing or completely replacing your income. But if you’re not careful, janitorial supplies can take over your house. There is a solution to this problem, and if you want to separate business from home life, Pittsburgh storage is the solution.

Many people associate storage units with personal belongings, but these facilities are perfect for business supplies and equipment. You no doubt have several vacuums, floor machines, mops, brooms and chemicals. Maybe you don’t want to keep these items in your garage or basement. What’s more, you may not have the available space.

Business equipment and supplies can quickly clutter your home, and you might consider an office suite for storage. But why pay an expensive monthly rent when you can have an affordable Pittsburgh storage unit? Available in varying sizes, this is the most cost-effective storage solution. Plus, there’s the option of climate control and security. Don’t stress about storage. Choose the option that’s affordable, practical and easily accessible.

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