Residential moving has always been a dynamic industry that experiences wide swings in moving patterns. Recently, the rise of remote work has significantly impacted moving trends. The pandemic provided countless new opportunities for people to work remotely, many of which still exist today. This work-from-home flexibility has given people a unique career situation where they no longer have to directly reside in the area where their workplace is headquartered.

Below, we'll discuss a number of ways in which moving statistics have changed due to remote work. These reasons may be financially motivated or for quality of life, but they all share one similarity - they're largely affected by the growing amount of remote workers.

Finding Lower Cost of Living Places to Call Home

The cost of living has grown disproportionately to salaries in the United States as a result of rising inflation, largely due to pandemic fiscal policy. For individuals who live in cities, this HCOL has forced them to look for residency elsewhere. Fortunately, due to remote work, these individuals do not have to give up their careers. They're able to retain the same income that they were making in a HCOL area and bring it to a LCOL region. For example, states like California have experienced many remote workers leaving in favor of more affordable states like Idaho, Texas, and Florida.

Fewer Moves Due to Career Progression

For some people, remote work has enabled them to move less. This is because before remote work, career-oriented individuals would often have to move locations frequently to find new, higher-paying jobs. In today's era, advanced positions can be found remotely, which allows these types of people to stay in their current homes.

Moving to More Rural and Scenic Places for a Higher Quality of Life

Many people have taken advantage of the remote working phenomenon to move to more beautiful places. The capability to "work anywhere" has allowed people to relocate to highly coveted, scenic areas that were normally only reserved for vacations. This has also affected a number of other economic situations, particularly local housing availability in those scenic communities.

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