Are you getting ready to move? One of the best ways to help your kids adjust and settle in is by helping them prepare for what’s to come. No matter how old your children are, moving is a big change for everyone. We’ve created some helpful strategies you can use to begin preparing your kids for your upcoming residential move.

Moving With Young Children

If your kids are young, it can be difficult for them to understand what moving will look like. They will have lots of questions, so explain your move simply and honestly. It helps to involve your children in the moving process, so they are more familiar with what to expect. They can help you clean the house to prepare and even help pack by putting items they’re bringing with them into boxes. If you’re moving to a local area, you can take them to their new neighborhood so that they can get excited about all the activities they will get to partake in.

Moving With Older Children

While older children are able to better understand what your move will entail, it can be harder for them to leave behind their long-term friends. If older children haven’t moved before, they may be worried about a new change they’ve never experienced—especially if you’re moving long-distance. Some ways you can help your older children settle into their new home include:

  • Promoting Their Interests: By maintaining routines, children are able to transition more easily. Help them enroll in sports and after-school clubs they enjoy.
  • Maintaining Connections With Friends: With social media, teenagers are able to stay in touch with their friends easier than ever. You can even find days to take them back to your old neighborhood to see their friends in person.
  • Being Honest: As children get older, they’re able to participate in more honest communication. Be honest about the changes that will occur so they don’t feel disappointed once you move.

Make Your Move Easier with an Experienced Moving Company

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