There’s a season for everything, including a holiday and moving season too. These two don’t usually align. Still, moving during the Holiday season can have many benefits, like cheaper rent and lessened fees.

The key is preparedness if you want to cash in on the advantages of relocating during the off-moving season. Here are seven helpful tips and suggestions to make your Holiday move more efficient while allowing you time to celebrate.

Schedule Your Move in Advance

Certain holidays, especially Christmas, are when people traditionally take off from work to spend with family and loved ones. This is also true of the moving and storage industry. Waiting to schedule your Holiday move could mean that your long-distance movers don’t have enough staff.

Budget Your Move Early

Many professional movers can offer estimates over the phone or online. Instead of funding your move with leftover holiday expenses, get a quote early. That way, your residential relocation is fully funded, and you have an informed celebration budget.

Pack Right Away

When thinking about festive activities, packing doesn’t come to mind. If you know you’re moving during a major holiday, you’ll want plenty of time to enjoy the season. In that case, packing ahead of time will help ensure your joyous celebrations.

Put Off Large Purchases

A lot of businesses boast of significant holiday sales. Taking advantage of an attractive deal for large items may be tempting. Still, anything you purchase before your move, you’ll have to pay to take with you. You may save money if you put off the large purchase until after the move.

Donate Household Items 

While packing and downsizing for your move, you’re likely to find items you don’t use or don’t want to relocate. The holidays are a great time to donate those household goods.

Hold Off on Hosting

Certain traditions are hard to break. For example, suppose you traditionally host holiday gatherings. In that case, letting someone else take a turn this year may be more efficient. Gathering around boxes and clutter might not set the tone you seek.

Clearly Label Décor

Of course, when you get to your new home, you’ll be eager to decorate and get in the spirit. That will be easier to achieve if you label your holiday decorations clearly.

Call an experienced residential mover if you want a stress-free holiday move. Georg Moving and Storage has had four decades of reliable residential moving services. Give us a call for a free quote.