Quite a few people get intimidated by their garage when it is time to pack and move. From disorganized storage practices to the likelihood of encountering flammable materials, it can be a hassle trying to figure out how to handle common items found in the garage. Here, we’ve asked our residential movers for a little advice to help you tackle everything from extra cars to old grills.

Cars and Automobiles

Do you have extra cars that you’re unsure how you will transport to your new home? Whether we’re talking about an extra daily driver or a restored gem, driving each vehicle to your new home may not be the practical choice. Many professional moving companies can handle car dolly rentals that pull behind another vehicle or car shipping services. Depending on what you need to transport and how far, your move coordinator can help you choose the right option.

Tools and Other Equipment

The problem with tools is that they are collectively heavy. You may need special equipment to load and transport your tool chests. While most modern tool chests have the ability to lock the drawers, our movers also recommend taking the extra step to shrink wrap the entire unit before shipping. If anything opens during the move, your tools can turn into projectiles and could damage your other belongings that are in the truck as well. For any of your larger floor-standing power tools, you may want to consider getting them crated with custom crating services to protect the equipment and the surrounding belongings in the moving truck.

Paint and Flammable Materials

Leftover paint and flammable products like gas and oil shouldn’t travel. In fact, it’s likely even illegal. Instead, you can mix old paint with cat litter to form a solid and then dispose of the product in your household garbage. For other flammable materials, avoid dumping them into the environment. Instead, contact your local city officials for disposal options.

Grills and Griddles

While bulky, grills and griddles may not be that difficult. Simply disconnect any propane sources (for gas grills) and make sure they are properly strapped down and anchored and you will be good to go. You could consider removing the internal grates to ensure that no damage can occur to the inside of your grill.


Although smaller than a regular vehicle, motorcycles are still heavy and require some special attention. Your moving company can provide specific instructions. Please keep in mind that you may need to empty the gas and oil from the engine before transporting your motorcycle. Why? Motorbikes can easily tip over while in route causing leaks and damage. Plus, gas and oil are combustible, increasing the chance of a fire in the event of an accident.

Lawncare and Landscaping Items

Lawncare items all have some sort of power source—either electric or gas. For electric items, there is a lithium battery involved that may explode if damaged or exposed to high heat temperatures in the moving truck. Remove the battery and crate the equipment before moving. And for gas engines, you have gasoline and oil which are both combustible liquids. Drain the engine and crate the equipment before transportation. If you need to dispose of either, contact your local recycling yard for instructions.

Items You Don’t Want

It is inevitable that your garage is going to accumulate items that you once deemed necessary to find themselves shoved and forgotten about in your garage. It would be a wise decision to go through these items and determine if you really want to take them with you on your move. Have a yard sale and coordinate a few trips for donations to help clean up the clutter, taking only the items you truly need or want to keep.

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