Moving Large, Fragile Items

If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, or Northern West Virginia whose dreading moving because of large, fragile items you have, our team is here to help. Our long-distance movers at George Moving & Storage have years of experience when it comes to moving with valuables that need specialized care. With a few extra steps, like wrapping your belongings in moving blankets and buying full valuation coverage, we’ll show you how your move can be easy.

Large, Fragile Items in Need of Specialized Attention

Some items are bulky and breakable, which means they’ll special attention, so they aren’t damaged on the moving truck. Some examples of items like these are:

  • Pricy Large Screen TVs
  • Beautiful Sculptures and Statues
  • Collectible Pieces of Artwork
  • Large and Fragile Mirrors

Some ways trusted, professional moving companies like George Moving keeps your valuables safe is by offering custom crating, custom boxes, and moving pads. Custom crates and boxes can be made to fit the dimensions of your items, so they are sure to not be jostled around on the moving truck. Moving pads, or moving blankets, are wrapped around your items so they’ll have extra cushioning during the journey.

Why Full Valuation Coverage Might be Worth the Investment

All moving companies will provide you with basic valuation coverage, which reimburses your items by weight in case of an accident, but this might not be good enough. What if your items are more expensive than their weight?

You’ll need to ask your moving provider about full valuation coverage. Full valuation coverage reimburses your items by their actual monetary value.

You can also look into separate insured shipping companies for extra peace of mind. It’s possible to have your items shipped to your new home through insured shipping, which guarantees full coverage.

Securing the Long-Term Safety of Your Items in Secure Warehouses

Residential moving companies like George Moving can offer you storage space in secure, climate-controlled warehouse facilities. If you aren’t ready to have your large, fragile belongings with you at the new house, securing their safety in one of our warehouses is a sure way to guarantee they arrive back to you in top condition.

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