In this day and age, it’s only natural to want your move to be as eco-friendly as possible. From cutting down on waste to hiring environmentally aware residential movers in Pittsburgh, there are ways you can make it happen.

The first step should be finding the right moving company for your relocation. You’ll want a team that has already implemented some steps to improve their carbon footprint and help the planet. Here are a few things that these green Pittsburgh long-distance movers may do:

Providing Reusable Packing Materials

Your moving company may offer the option of packing your household or office with reusable boxes and supplies. This way you don’t even add cardboard or plastic wrap to the landfills. Some reusable packing supplies these movers offer can include:

  • Large wardrobe boxes for hanging items
  • Plastic crates and tubs for small items and electronics
  • Moving blankets and large rubber bands for furniture

Use of Full Truckload Shipping

One big way the movers you pick can help the environment is through Full Truckload (FTL) shipping. With this shipping technique, movers will place multiple smaller shipments into one large truck for a cross-country trip. Essentially, your belongings will be making the trip to a new home in the same vehicle with those of other homeowners.

Follow Environmentally Friendly Practices in the Office/Warehouse

It’s also a good thing if they incorporate environmentally friendly practices into the day-to-day routines of workers. The company can have wind turbines or solar panels for power. They may have options for employee recycling of cans, plastic, or cardboard. The movers may also use recycled office products and materials or stock their offices with eco-friendly cleansers and chemical-based products.

Consider asking the mover if they also maintain their fleet in a sustainable manner, such as using software to help track regular maintenance and repairs.

Ideas to Help You Conduct an Environmentally Friendly Move

Homeowners can also do things a little differently to protect the environment during a long-distance relocation. If you are interested in making an eco-friendlier move, here are a few suggestions:

Donate as Much as You Can Before Moving

Rather than moving belongings that you may end up replacing later, or even trying to transport canned goods and shelf stable foods, consider donating them. Local charities and food banks can make sure these items go to a good home and you won’t have to spend the money or the fuel to move them.

Follow Proper Disposal Guidelines

It’s not usually safe to throw chemicals like paint, oil, gas, or other products in the garbage or pour them down the sink. When you are clearing these things out of your house, consider reading up on the local community guidelines for disposal. Most cities have a drop off center for these kinds of hazardous materials. The same also applies to old electronics that could potentially be recycled for the metals and plastics they contain.

Reuse Items When Packing

If you are self-packing, consider looking around for used boxes to hold items in rather than buying new ones. Many grocery stores have extra boxes that their merchandise arrived in. You can ask at customer service if they have a few you can use.

Also consider wrapping your fragile and delicate items in blankets and linens you already own rather than picking up packing peanuts. Old newspapers and ads also make good wrapping paper for ceramics and plates.

Grab a Precise Price Estimate for a Long-Distance Move in Pittsburgh

As an agent with North American Van Lines, we’ve helped homeowners make moves to locations far from Pittsburgh and to this area from far away. Our connection with this moving service allows us to offer tailored relocations to customers who want just the right services for their needs.

Some of the moving services we offer happen to include:

  • Full-Service Packing/Unpacking
  • Third Party Services
  • Short- & Long-Term Storage
  • Computer Delivery
  • Commercial Moves
  • International Moves
  • Logistics

When you are planning a relocation, reach out to our Pittsburgh long-distance movers for a free, no-obligation estimate. You can give George Moving & Storage a call or fill out our online form to get started right away.