Moving from Pittsburgh can be tough, especially when relocating valuable items. Choose your local movers wisely with these tips.

Whether it’s a collection of fine jewelry, boxes of prized baseball cards, or a range of high-end handbags, many of us are collectors of valuable pieces. When you need to relocate, you’ll want to hire Pittsburgh long-distance movers that are experienced with handling such delicate and expensive items. Partnering with the wrong residential movers in Pittsburgh could be a costly mistake.

Before you decide on a moving company, consider whether they’re equipped to handle your move. Ask about their packaging supplies. Do they use packing paper to protect items from damage? What about packing peanuts, which help cushion your items? Bubble roll has the same effect. You can also ask about dish pack cartons, which are specially designed cardboard boxes with dividers to keep your items from shifting during transport.

Be sure they’ll take precautions like ensuring packing tape doesn’t come into contact with your collectibles, as some tape can damage items. With the right movers, you can expect to save lots of time during the packing and unpacking process.

For larger items, precautions like moving blankets and wood crating are a must. Inquire about these options with a potential moving company. Are they able to keep your bulky items from getting scratched, chipped, and otherwise damaged during the moving process? Don’t be afraid to ask them how they minimize the movement of items while in transit.

All moving companies, by law, are required to offer basic valuation coverage at no cost to the customer. This coverage is sometimes also known as Released Value Protection. While this protection can be ideal for many household items, it’s not typically sufficient for prized items. Basic valuation coverage only reimburses items according to their weight, rather than their actual value. For lightweight items that have a high appraisal value, you’ll want to ask about full value protection. This type of coverage offers full reimbursement on the actual worth of the items.

It’s worth considering keeping smaller items like coin collections or jewelry on your person to prevent extra costs associated with full value protection.

If you’re relocating to a smaller space than you’re used to, you may need to consider storage facilities. Ask your moving company whether they offer warehouse storage. If so, inquire about the precautions they take to secure the stored items. Are there alarms? Climate control features? Many companies offer wood vaults to further enhance safety.

George Moving & Storage can put your mind at ease. We’re Pittsburgh long-distance movers who have been in the business for over 40 years. We’re an agent of northAmerican Moving Services and can provide:

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