Are you moving a long-distance for work or family? Do you have a large home and not a lot of free time? Hiring a Pittsburgh long-distance moving company may be the solution for a swift and easy relocation.

However, the process of finding a quality mover and getting ready to relocate does involve a little effort. To make things less confusing here are the top five steps you need to follow when planning a long-distance move.

Hire a Long-Distance Mover Well in Advance

Many moving companies are booked months ahead of a relocation, especially in the summer. So, it’s important to start contacting movers and getting estimates as early as possible. Otherwise, you might find the long-distance mover you prefer has to turn your business away because their crews are all booked up.

Perform Your Due Diligence

You’ll also want to do a little research on the potential long-distance movers you are looking at before making a final decision. The most important consideration should be their training and licensing. Long-distance movers are required to have a licensed to conduct an interstate move. Be sure to ask to see this license number and check it out online to confirm it’s valid.

Also, most agents of major van lines are covered through the carrier they work with instead of having to obtain a separate license. Individual moving companies will have to maintain a license for themselves.

Look at Customer Reviews

Another good option for researching movers is to check out their online reviews. Visit a few different sites to get a good idea of what customers have to say overall, including:

  • Google Business
  • HomeAdvisor
  • BBB
  • Company’s Website

Arrange Temporary Storage Solutions

Since you are moving a long-distance, the move-in date at a new place might not line up with the move-out date at an old place. In these cases, we recommend arranging for short-term or temporary storage. A professional moving company should have warehouse storage options available for all needs, including long-term storage.

Ask about storage options before you hire a company. If needed, schedule storage before your move so your items don’t hang in limbo.

Consider Paying for Additional Coverage

While long-distance movers are required to provide free basic valuation coverage, it’s not usually enough protection for your belongings. Released Value Protection as it called, only provides reimbursement based on an item’s weight. If you want full replacement value, you’ll need to pay for upgraded Full Value Protection.

Your mover can help you arrange for this kind of coverage when you hire them. Be sure to find out exactly what the upgraded coverage costs and how much it pays for valuables like jewelry and artwork.

Streamline Your Household

Long-distance moves can be expensive, especially if you have a large home. If you lighten the load by streamlining your household, you can pay less for packing and transportation. Consider donating smaller items to local charities and non-profits. You can even make some extra money by selling your furniture online or at a yard sale.

As a side note, if you don’t want to pay for upgraded Full Value Protection coverage think about self-transporting your valuables. Jewelry and precious metals are small enough to go missing during a big household move. You might feel better about carrying them in a bag on your trip to a new home.

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  • Full and Partial Packing
  • Custom-Crating
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  • Third-Party Services

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