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Your realtor will help you make one of the biggest purchases of your life, so finding just the right person to entrust this power to is a pretty big deal. Consider the following before you settle:


Because the process of buying and selling homes is nuanced and intricate, you want someone who’s been there, done that.  Find out how long your prospective realtor has been in the business. Realtors work on commision, so this is one business you just couldn’t survive in for too many years if you didn’t have a certain level of competency. Of course, you want better than just competent, so also consider...

Online Research

We are lucky to live in a time in which word of mouth isn’t the only reliable reference point. Google your prospective realtor; check out his or her online presence. How many homes are they currently listing (finding this out sooner than later can also indicate whether they are spread too thin and be too busy to respond quickly)? What types of homes in what price range? Which neighborhoods? You’ll quickly get an idea of whether or not the realtor matches up with your desires and needs.

Set Expectations

As with many professional relationships, setting clear expectations from the get go can help you avoid mishaps later. Get important details straight, like how often you plan to communicate, what type of communication is preferred (and will get answered quickest!), and whether or not your realtor has a team or licensed assistant who can help in a pinch.


While experience is important, don’t forget you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time around your realtor. You want someone you gel with, you feel comfortable being honest with, and who is pleasant. These may not be qualities you can garner from the number of homes an agent has sold, so interview a few different realtors before making your decision.

Finding the right person to help buy or sell your home is an important step in the moving process, but finding the right business to help you get your belongings safely to your new location is just as critical. Luckily, this decision is simple; Beltmann has been providing the best in moving services for over 60 years and is ready to do an exceptional job for you.